Kids & Skills

What is Kids & Skills?

Kids&Skills is a digital platform for the scientific analysis of specific transversal skills for schoolchildren of 11 years of age (6th year primary). The platform is unique and is open to any primary school in the world.

You can see all the features in the following video:

Who does it help? Who is it directed at?

For schools and teachers

Identify the strengths and areas for improvement of your pupils.

Personalize the focus of the teaching on each individual pupil.

For the pupil

Help your pupils in terms of the focusing of their secondary school studies by examining a varied offer of professional options and the skills required for each of them and the pupil’s position at a given moment in time with respect to the skills analysed, identifying areas for improvement and providing guidelines for achieving this improvement.

For parents

To be able to see the situation of your children with respect to the skills required for their educational preparation for numerous professional options.

Small steps to take which when part of a routine help pupils to make progress in their areas for improvement and in all of the required skills.

The skills which are analysed:

The skills analysed are those of a transversal nature which are necessary for all of the professional activities examined. The need for the skills in question varies in intensity depending on the professional activity. In the results analysis of the system an indication is given of the position of each pupil with respect to the need for the specific skill in each professional activity:

Adapting to change




Demonstrating curiosity

Demonstrating will to learn


Working independently

Working efficiently

The pupil will be able to choose the general use language for the tool, and also the language in which s/he wishes to carry out each of the five different challenges or tests. The languages available are English, Basque and Spanish.

The time required to carry out all the challenges/tests: approximately 45 minutes.

When will I know the results? The results are available on completion of the test. The school (via the tutor) will decide whether the pupils will have direct access to their results or via their tutor.

Do not miss this opportunity to accelerate the talent potential of your pupils.

They will thank you in the future.